"Cannot create project backup"

Upgraded to today. Now, when I close my project, I get an error "Cannot create project backup. Temporary copy destination C:[path] " Clicking OK brings up “Project backup failed Scrivener is set to back up on project close but the backup could not be created” Says location inaccessbile or insufficient space.


  1. The location path listed definitely exists and definitely has enough space.
  2. In any case, I’ve changed the backup location both in Options and in Project Settings to a different location, but the error still refers to the old location.
  3. Scrivener on my other computer, with same version and OS, does not experience this error with this same project.
  4. Project size is small.


I was gonna say:
Could be your antivirus.
And check that the location ain’t “read only”.

…But the fact that Scrivener sticks to the old backup location rules them both out. …

Ultimately save your preferences (better safe than sorry), uninstall then reinstall afresh?

Or even before going to that stage, I would save settings (see Appendix B1.1 in the user manual) and then click the Defaults button beside the Manage button where you do that. This will do a simple factory reset. See if backups work as intended in that state (they will go to Scrivener’s application support folder by default), and then change it to your intended directory and see if that works. If so far all is well, import your settings file and test one more time.

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