Cannot cut/paste into Scrivener

I have lurked through all the boards and cannot find a fix for this?
I cannot paste into scrivener at all, which is becoming a real pain after beta comments in word.
I just deleted and reinstalled and the problem remains.

… and you have re-started your Mac? That’s the #1 thing to try.

If you have, could you please explain in more detail exactly what it is you try to do?

All projects, or just this one?

What version of Scrivener, and which version of Mac OS?

Any recent system changes? New hardware? New version of Mac OS?


And, I suppose, what are you trying to cut and paste? (Text, images, comments?) Where are you cutting this from? (you mention Word, but can you cut and paste from other apps?) And where are you trying to paste it? (in the Binder, in the Editor pane, in the Notes pane?)