Cannot enter serial code

Hello friends.

I recently purchased Scrivener and also Scapple, both for the Windows OS. I had no problem installing them on my Lenovo laptop, both on Windows 10 and also on LinuxMint 17.3 via Wine. However, I cannot find any place to put in my purchased serial numbers on either program. There is no nag message warning me to register, nor is there any place in the menus to enter the serial number.


Hopefully we will see Scrivener some day for Android…

Thanks in advance and be blessed!


Have you looked under the Help menu?

Thanks for the note!
On my laptop install, there is NOTHING in the Help menu to enter registration info. On my desktop machine, it appears, but after entering the name and serial number, I get the nag screen again and then it crashes. Then I get this screen (clicking on which does nothing. And by the way, though it speaks of a network error, I am on line.):

Now it is requesting an “Activation Key”, which is NOT the serial number… When I click on the menu to get it, I get a message that says Website not available… :cry:

The following is related … activation