Cannot Export, everything has hashtags and bullet points

Hello, I am losing my mind.

I have a 344 page document that I need to send to my editor. This is my first (and possibly last?) time using Scrivener. I am using a MacBook Pro, and Scrivener 3. I simply cannot export/compile without every page having a different, frustrating, horrible layout problem. Hashtags everywhere! Bullet points for no reason!

I have looked at this post: … hp?t=50764

But for the life of me, I cannot find the separator function. I’ve double-clicked everywhere.

If anyone can help me in the most plain language possible, it would be greatly appreciated. I loved using Scrivener to write, but I’ve now spent as much time troubleshooting it as it took me to create my book.

Was any of the problem text originally created in Word? If so, the bullet points may be due to rogue list formatting. Select the text in Scrivener and use the Format -> List -> None command. Does that help? If not, what file format are you compiling to?

The hashtags are likely part of the Compile format. In the main Compile screen, right-click on the Format you’re using, and choose the Edit (or Duplicate and Edit) command. The Separators pane is the second item in the Compile Format editor.

If that doesn’t help, please tell me what version of Scrivener you’re using, and send a screenshot to help me understand what you’re seeing.