Cannot figure out compiling format

I have been working at this for hours and hours and I just cannot figure this thing out!!!

Why is this so hard???!!! I have most of the manuscript divided into “Years,” “Chunks,” “Chapters,” and scenes. They’re all nested folders except for the scenes. Chunks are not included in the compile, but the titles of the chunks are included as text in the “Years,” and the “Years” have been set up to display the title of the Year folder and any text. The chapters display the title of the chapter. (I am hand numbering them, since I want them to start at 1 (Roman numeral 1) at the start of each Year.)

So for the second “year,” there is the title for the year: “2195 C.E.” on one line, then below, the “chunk” title (“The Sergeant and the Major”). Next page, “I. The Sergeant”, followed by some space, and then the first scene in the chapter begins. Fine. This is what I want. This is what I want for the first year, too.

But the first year doesn’t have separate chapters. I want the first page to show the title of the year, and optionally the title of the “chunk.” The next page should give the chapter title and then, a few lines below, the text should start.

But I can’t get that!!! No matter what I try, I get the Year title, then the chapter or chunk title, and then the first paragraph or two of the first scene, ALL ON THE FIRST PAGE!! How do I FORCE there to be a page break between the title of the “Year” and the first paragraph of the first scene?

What format are you compiling to, and what separators have been assigned to the different levels?

The format is E book (ePub 2 E book (.epub)), modified, of course.

At the moment (because I finally gave up trying to get what I wanted), folders have section breaks before and after (default), and text files have empty lines before and after (default). “Years” and “Chunks” have the same separators as folders. “Chapters” in the binder use the “Section with Title” format for compiling and that has the same section breaks as folders. Scenes in the binder use the “Section Text” format for compiling, which has the same separators as text files.

“Chunks” are set to not compile.(So what good are they? I think I put them in originally thinking that I could get them to provide a subtitle to the “Year” page, but if I remember correctly, that wasn’t good because they produced what were essentially duplicate entries into the table of contents. I think I left them in to keep visual reminders in the binder as to which year is which.) As far as I know they have no effect on the compile.

Years, Chapters, and Scenes compile, except for the first Year, where the chapter is unchecked so it won’t compile. If the chapter in the first Year compiles (which does create the page break I want), that creates two entries in the Table of Contents for the Year (one with the name of the Year folder, the second with the name of the first scene file). That’s even worse than having no page break.

This set up provides a good compile for all of the Years except the first one. I made an additional format for the scene immediately after the first “Year,” but nothing I tried gave me a page break before the title/subtitle of the Year and the first scene.