Cannot freely position index card on corkboard


Not sure if this a known bug or a limitation of the windows version, but I cannot freely move the index cards on my corkboard. It only allows me to change the order, but it appears to be a strictly 3 column arrangement. Checked the manual and I believe it says I should be able to freely move things about. It’s a shame since I’m not able to fully use the available corkboard realestate. I’m only bothered by this now since I’m getting more index cards, and being a visual person, it would have been nice to drag them into whatever arrangement or pattern that works best for me.

I am also unable to drag an index card into a folder and for it to group correctly. For example, I drag a file card into a folder card, nothing happens. I would have thought naturally the link should have been created by the drag and drop action. In order to get around this I had to use the upper left file explorer instead. Not a big deal, but just noting this behavior anyway.


Argh…so sorry, the drag and drop of a file card into a folder card now works for me…

Hi Linny,

I might’ve addressed this in response to another of your posts, but if you click the four-box icon in the right of the editor footer while in corkboard mode, you’ll be able to adjust how many columns you have, whether the cards should resize to fit the editor, and some other options that should let you use up your real estate. I’m not completely clear on what you mean by “freely move”–it’s not possible in the Windows version (yet) to arbitrarily place cards on the board; they will always have to be in the column/row arrangement, but you should be able to move them around to reogranize, or (if you’ve set the options to allow drop-ons) to move cards to be subdocuments of other cards, etc.

If you select multiple documents in the binder, so you’re viewing a “multiple selection”, you won’t be able to rearrange those on the board, since taken out of context as they are, the rearrangement has no meaning. (Remember that when you move cards on the corkboard, you’re also moving them in the binder, as it reflects the real structure of your project. The exception to this will be rearranging static collections–once that’s implemented, you’ll be able to put items into a collection and then rearrange them in the collection to try out different possibilities without affecting the current structure of the binder.) Make sure you’re selecting a single folder or document group in the binder, and you should be able to work normally in the corkboard.