Cannot get more than single spaced

I am new to Scrivener but not new to word processing or the Mobi format.

I was ecstatic to find out about Scrivener and in particular the Mobi export capability. Finally I wouldn’t have to spend hours building the HTML to use to generate a PRC file.

Anyway, began pulling in my novel from Apple Pages and after a few chapters in I decided to try some exporting.

I spent the rest of the day setting and resetting every instance of line spacing I could find – no matter what the line spacing is set to, the resulting Mobi file is single spaced or maybe 1.1.

I purchased Scrivener but won’t be able to use it if I cannot resolve this issue.

What formatting are your compile settings set up to use? Remember that one of the major features of Scrivener is that you can export using completely different formatting to that which you write in, via the “Formatting” pane of Compile. If “Override text and notes formatting” is turned on there, then the export will use the formatting set up in the blue preview area of that pane, so that is where you would need to modify the line spacing, not in the editor.

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That is the issue - I’ve tried override at the export level, project level and the Gobal Preferences level. No matter what it is set at the output is fixed at 1.1 or maybe 1.2 (cannot tell)

At this point I’ve spent more than ten hours trying to create a Mobi file that has a line spacing of 1.5 but have failed.

I am on Mac using version 2.2 - is it possible this is a bug in the version I am using?

So as an example, selecting to override the Formatting on Export, I can set line space to 4 or even 8 and see it in the preview pane. On Compile however the result is still 1.1 or something like that.

Oops, sorry to misinform you. It seems that the Kindle doesn’t support any custom line spacing: … MLtags.pdf

As you can see, it doesn’t support line-height or other CSS that would adjust the line height, so the Kindle just doesn’t seem to support this. (.mobi files use HTML under-the-hood).

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There has got to be a way to do this - other authors who use this product have books with proper line spacing.

What do you mean by “proper” line spacing? Could you post a screenshot of how your text is looking in Kindle I have a number of Kindle books, and they all have the same line spacing, but maybe I’m missing something.

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Below are screen shots …

The first is what is produced by Scrivener and the Second is my book but produced by hand – I purchased Scrivener so I could get away from doing it manually. Any help is appreciated.

Scrivener version: Font weight is too light and line spacing too small:

My version: this is the version I produce by hand which I am attempting to do with Scrivener

What font are you using? It looks slightly different in each - slightly thicker in one - and this can make a difference.

Same font used for both - Cochrin.

I’ve tried other fonts but had the same result.

I think I can live with the Font Weight … it is the spacing between the lines that I have to fix in order to successfully deploy with Scrivener.


Could you please send me the original files of your hand-made .mobi (e.g. the HTML files)? Please send them to AT literatureandlatte DOT com. I would like to do some comparisons to find out exactly what is going on.


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Very much appreciated - they are on the way.


Thanks! I’ll look out for them.