Cannot get spelling correction suggestions inside comments

Not sure if this is a “bug” or not. But if you have a spelling mistake in a comment you can’t correct it by right clicking the highlighted word, and the “Look up” option changes to only allow a look up on the entire comment.

To replicate:

  • Type a sentence with a known spelling mistake.
  • See it highlight the misspelling.
  • Note you can “right click” the misspelling to bring up corrections
  • Highlight the sentence and add a comment to it.
  • Note you cannot now “right click” the misspelling to bring up corrections

I’m on / Lion

If you double-click the word then just that word will be selected and you can right-click and get the spelling suggestions in the context menu. First click will jump you to the comment in the inspector; you can use the keyboard or the mouse while holding the Option key to select just the word without clicking, then right-click. (This happens in all text that’s part of a link, so in those cases it might be worth the extra effort to not click and load the linked document or webpage.)