Cannot highlight more than one page

Hi, I’m currently using the latest Scrivener for iPad / iOS. On a few of my chapters or documents, I am finding that I cannot highlight all the text, as it will only let me highlight a single page at a time. When I select some text and the menu pops up to copy/cut etc, there is no “Select All” option. When I do highlight some text and use the blue bars to select more text, it will not let me highlight more than one page of text at a time. I want to be able to highlight the entire document 10+ pages so that I can change the Font and Spacing for everything. Is this a limit within the iOS app? Some of my documents have the incorrect Font and Line Spacing and so I want to just blanket change the entire document. Thanks so much.

The “Select All” function would be the preferred way of doing this, rather than sliding the little drag handles around, although in theory that should work. To figure that out:

  • What version of iOS are you using?
  • You mention it only happens in a few sections, is there anything in those sections that might be “more complicated” than others, like the presence of images or other formatting that is unusual in comparison to sections that work fine?

As for the appearance of the select all button, it is standard in my experience for this option to go away when an active selection already exists. It shows up reliably when you tap on the cursor itself, without selecting. So that should help, even if the other issue cannot be figured out.