Cannot import PDF and PowerPoint files into Scrivener

I’m trying to use Scrivener to manage all materials for my first college class in 34 years. I’ve created folders for Syllabus, Lectures, Readings, Media, and Misc. When I try to import a PDF or PP file into one of these folders, I get an error message that media files cannot be dragged into the Draft folder. Using File | Import also fails. Shouldn’t I be able to include PDF and PP files in my folders/subfolders under Draft?

I can drag a PDF and PP file into the Research folder, but Scrivener is useless to me if everything other than plain text must go into Research. If that’s the case, I might as well just use a folder with subfolders in the macOS Finder. Is it possible to create all my folders/subfolders under Draft with the same attributes that allow the Research folder to include PDF and PP files?

After posting the above as a support request, I discovered that I could Duplicate the Research folder, rename the duplicates as above, then import PDF and PP files into the new folders - so long as those folders are at the same top level as the Draft and Research folders. However, if I move the new folders to be subfolders of the Draft folder, I can no longer import PDF and PP files. Moving the subfolders back to the same top level as the Draft and Research folders allows me to import PDFs and PPs again. Any reason not to have the new folders/subfolders (i.e. the Duplicates of the Research folder) at the same top level as Draft and Research? Any reason not to save this new setup as a template for use with all my college classes?

This is a screenshot of the folder structure described in the preceding paragraph. Syllabus, Assignments, Lectures, Readings, Media, and Misc are all duplicates of the Research folder. Any problem with this structure, or using it as a template for other classes?


The Draft folder is special in that it is the folder used to build your output document. PDF and PowerPoint file cannot be processed by the Compile command, so they can’t go in the Draft folder.

But otherwise, sure, you can build whatever structure you like.

If you don’t understand the difference between Finder and sub-folders of the Research folder, you are probably missing a significant part of Scrivener’s functionality. I’d recommend taking a look at our Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu.


Thank you. I surely have a lot to learn.