Cannot move texts within binder

Hi, I’ve been successfully using Scrivener for several years now, but today for some reason today I am no longer able to drag any folders or texts in the binder. If I right click and select “move” I am able to move the files, but I can’t (for example) select several texts and drag them into a new folder.

I checked that the docs are not locked (they aren’t). I was fiddling with a few settings today and learning to use keywords, but I don’t know what I changed, and I desperately want to change it back! The only other thing I can think of is that I added TotalSpaces to my mac today.

Thanks so much for any help!

There is no feature for locking the position of items in the Binder. I would try quitting TotalSpaces and see if that clears it up, since that is the last thing that was changed on the system. If shutting that down and restarting Scrivener did not work, then try reinstalling Scrivener; it could be the interface control files corrupted.