Cannot open file


I want to open a file, but it needs to be updated. I accept this and after a back up has been created I am told that the file cannot to opened.
I have tried with another file that also should be updated and that one worked.

I use Scrivener 3.0.2 and the file name is “Nytperspektiv - Anne Pernille Backup.scriv” and made in august 2017.

It is a rather important file, so I hope you can help.

BR MarI-Ann Stavnshoj


Some ideas.

  1. If the project dates from 2017 and is a Scrivener 2 project, can you still open it in Scrivener 2?

  2. Scrivener 3 has been updated to 3.0.3. It might help to install the most recent version of Scrivener and then try to open the project again.

  3. The name includes “Backup”. Does this mean you have an original version of that project that you could also try to open?

  4. Is the project stored in a cloud service? If so, has it fully downloaded to your Mac?

Slàinte mhòr.

If you have a version 2 project that cannot be successfully updated to version 3, then we’d love to take a look at it to see if there is anything that should be fixed with the updater. If that’s okay with you, zip up the “Backup” copy (which will be the original v2 version created before attempting to update), and send it to our support email.

I don’t think anything has changed with the updater since 3.0.2, but I do agree it would be a good idea to update anyway, as other bugs were fixed.


  1. I do not have version 2 anymore.
  2. How do I update? I have been looking around but not found it
  3. I try to open the original which then says it needs to be upgraded Then I get the back up file
  4. I use dropbox but stored locally on my Mac. The file I can open is also in dropbox but stored locally

I will send the file to support - should I put any attention in the mail?


That’s fine, you don’t need version 2. You create a zip file in Finder by right-clicking on the project with “Backup” in its name, and compressing it.

In the Scrivener menu you will find a “Check for Updates” command. Otherwise if you bought from Apple you have to use their Mac App Store program to keep your software up to date.

Right, version 3 will never open the original. It cannot. It will only try to update it, and the first thing it does when updating is creating that backup. If you try open the backup later on then you’ll just get a backup of a backup. I wouldn’t recommend that as it could get confusing rather quickly.

Yes, just reference this forum thread URL and they’ll get you in touch with me.