Cannot open my .scriv file

I have been working on a document for the past few weeks. When I tried to reopen it just now, it told me the file wasn’t compatible with this version of scrivener. I have not updated or anything. I can open new documents and the tutorial document fine. This is a real problem because scrivener is the only program I can open this document on, and I really need it. How can I get my document back?

Hey there! Try this…

Go to the project directory on your computer. You’ll see that it’s actually a folder itself.
Go into that folder. You’ll see another folder called “Files”. Go in there.
You should have a simple txt document in there called “Version”.
Open it.
Overwrite the contents to simply include the number 16.
Save it.
Now try opening the project.

That worked perfectly thank you so much! :smiley:

You are welcome! Hope the writing is going well.