Cannot open Scrivener 3

From looking at the other issues on here, it seems that Scrivener is not doing much to help those of us who have a first and second version and cannot now open version two. Help me. I have communicated to them my issue, they reply with instruction on what to do, but none of it works. I am going to reach out to them again, but thought I would try this avenue as well.



We sure would like to help, but we’d need way more details.
Please tell us all that you can think of.

For starters: what happens when you try. Nothing? A freeze? Some error message?

P.S. You actually mean Scrivener 3. There never was a V2 under windows, as it is rather at this point catching up on the Mac’s version.

And by the way, you most certainly can trust the instructions LL’s staff has provided. Make sure you followed them to the letter.

And as a general guide on the details, refer to §5.1.6, Project Format Upgrades, in the user manual PDF.

But really, it’s not complicated: you open the old project in the new version, read the message about it updating it and making a backup, and click OK. If you don’t know how to open a project, then scroll back a few subsections to §5.1.3.

The only potential hitch in everything is if you actually mean version 1 for Mac OS X, which no longer runs on any modern Mac, and cannot be upgraded in anything other than version 2 for Mac, which also no longer runs on a modern Mac. The way you write about it sounds like that situation, even though you’re forum profile says Windows and this is posted to Windows. I guess you could have at one point been a Mac users though. Details help!

(I’m the one who recategorized it as a Windows version issue, based on the user profile. It initially was labelled as just Scrivener ; Win/Mac unspecified.)

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