Cannot Register

Hi - I’ve been using the trial version of Scrivener and today coughed up my 34 British pounds to become a full user. I am trying to register the full version entering my name and serial number EXACTLY as they appear on the confirmation email but am being told that they are invalid. Could this be because my trial version was not the 2.0 version of Scrivener? Help!

Jenny of

Hi Jenny,

If you’re using the NaNoWriMo trial of 2.0, that one won’t register, yeah. Download the latest version from the main page and then activate that one. (It’s updated as well, so you’ll gain some bug fixes and whatnot too.) You can keep your preference settings, etc., and just remove the current Nanowrimo trial from the Applications folder and replace it with the new download and you should be good to go.

Hi there - thanks for this - it’s not the NaNoWriMo version…

If I download the new version and then upgrade that will I have to then import everything I have written already in the earlier version? Grrr! I’m just worried if I download another version it will overwrite the version I have installed already. I guess I could just do zip files back up of everything first…


Sorry, I completely misunderstood what you were saying (my fault, you weren’t unclear). The registration code will be for 2.0, not for 1.54, so if your trial version is a 1.x you won’t be able to register it with this code, correct.

If you download the new version, you can install it alongside the 1.x version if you like; although that might confuse the services (clippings, etc.), it otherwise shouldn’t really be a problem. I’ve moved 1.54 out of my Applications folder to avoid the confusion but I still have it around on my computer so I can launch it if I need it.

Upgrading to the new version won’t affect your projects at all, they’ll still be stored wherever they are on your computer. But you will have to upgrade them to use in 2.0–open them via 2.0 and it will ask if you want to update the project and, when you do so, will create a backup of the original version as well so you’ll still have that available for your 1.x version. You won’t be able to go backward, though–new projects and projects updated to 2.0 won’t open in 1.x versions. (Hence the backup, though it’s not a bad idea to make a zip back up on your own first anyway–just a good idea to have backups!) Normally this is a fairly quick process, though it’ll depend on the size of your project.

Hope that helps, sorry for the earlier confusion.

You are a GENIUS! Thank you so much for this reassuring advice. Will now do exactly as you described.

Many, many thanks - Jenny x