Cannot Turn Off or Blank Page Headers / Footers

Version: (1463331) 64-bit - 03 Nov 2021


If there’s an answer to this, I can’t find it… I would like to be able to Turn Off (Disable) the Page Headings and Footings in compiled output-- specifically in PDF’s.

Microsoft Edge has the “Read Aloud” facility which is kind of nice, but it has the annoying behavior of reading every ^&%#^% Header and Footer, which means that when I read aloud my compiled manuscript, it reads the “Author / Book / Page” header and “Page Number” footers for every single page, which gets old after a while!! (I have been able to monkey with the settings to cut this down to every other page, but it’s still annoying.)

I tried duplicating the Compile Settings to create a new one just for Read Aloud mode, with the idea of BLANKING the Header & Footer text but Scrivener ignores that and puts in the headers and footers anyway.

How can I BLANK or GET RID of the Headers and Footer for a particular compile settings combination?

Thanks for any assistance!!


Below are some screenshots:

Compile to Word, Use Word’s Read Aloud function and Save as PDF in Word.

Word doesn’t read headers aloud, so you don’t have this problem with headers any more.

FWIW: You can also use Text To Speech in Scrivener (Edit > Speech > Start Speaking). Usually, I correct my work both in Scrivener and then in Word with TTS before I send it out in the world.

BTW: With these settings you should not output any headers, so this qualifies as a bug to me…

I’ve tried to get to this point with a test, is there something else I should be doing in order to see the problem of headers/footers printing, despite having empty fields for them?

  1. Open File ▸ Compile... and change Compile For to “PDF”.
  2. Double-click “Manuscript (Times)” to duplicate it.
  3. In Page Settings, disable Different header and footer on first pages.
  4. In “Header and Footer Text” tab, for the one remaining “Main Body” category, click into the top-right field, press Ctrl+A and backspace.
  5. Save settings, compile, open PDF.

Result: no header or footer.