Can't access my Dropbox backups

I just erased a long chapter. Undo doesn’t work–it’s grayed out. I followed David Hewson’s advice and set my Scrivener backup to go to Dropbox. In my Dropbox folder I see the backup I want to access but when I click on “project” I get an error message: Cannot access C:/ etc. File is not writable. Access is denied. AutoSaves need write permission to your project.
What does this mean? How can I open that backup. I just want to copy one chapter out of that project and paste it into my current version.

Is the backup in the Dropbox folder a single .ZIP file (containing project folder structure compressed into a single file) or a .SCRIV folder structure?

If it is a single .ZIP file, you’ll need to extract/decompress the contents out to a different location, then open from that location.

If it is a .SCRIV folder strucutre… not sure, perhaps copy the entire thing to a different location (desktop, etc.) and try opening from that location.

If that doesn’t work, or for background info, do a search on the forums using “not writable” and see what the problems/discussions/resolutions were for similar issues.

Hope that helps.