Can't access Scrivener 3 Update download

I am trying to access the Scrivener 3 update download through the “upgrade from previously purchased software” page, however when I enter my email it rejects it. The email I’m entering is the same one shown on the purchase receipt from Scrivener’s in 2015. I can link to my Lit and Latte account through the hot link embedded in the receipt email, so I do indeed have an LL account

I’ve sent 4 emails requesting help but so far have only received auto responses.

Please advise or send me the Scrivener 3 update on a disk to the same address you should have on file.

Thank you.

Gretchen Brant

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The download page is here:

I’m sorry for the slow response to your support email. We’re a little shorthanded at the moment. You don’t need to pay for the upgrade to download and install the trial version of Scrivener 3, though, and the trial will give you 30 days of actual use.


  1. The issue is not accessing the download page but the page recognizing my email address. Obviously, I can access my account as I’m posting here, but my acct. requires my user name, not my email. The email I’ve been using on the DL page is the same that is on the receipt of my original Scrivener’s purchase but it is being rejected.

  2. The upgrade was charged to my bank account but I still don’t have the download.

Please advise

If the upgrade was charged to your bank account, you should have received a purchase confirmation. That will contain your license key. If you don’t have it, please double check your junk mail folder.

No email address is necessary to download the application.


Thanks for your replies Katherine.

Yes, I received the number in my email and I’ve downloaded the Scrivener 3 trial but it has requested that an application be chosen to open it. My original Scrivener’s app will not open it. I tried dragging it directly into my Applications folder, that didn’t work. Any suggestions?


When I dragged the Scrivener’s-3.dmg download into my Applications folder and click on it I get this message:

The document “Scrivener-3.dmg” could not be opened. Scrivener cannot open files in the “ Document” format.

Complete installation instructions can be found here: … r-mac-os-x

(These are for Scrivener 2, but the procedure hasn’t changed.)

  • Open the DMG file in Finder. Double-clicking on it should do this.

  • Drag the Scrivener application from the DMG file to your Applications folder.

  • Launch Scrivener from the icon in the Applications folder that you just created.

You can’t open the Scrivener application OR the DMG file with Scrivener. Scrivener only knows how to open Scrivener projects.