Can't add cover art: export as epub/Kindle

When compiling for Kindle or epub, I noticed that I can’t choose cover art from compile’s drop down list. It has a check and “No Cover Art” next to it. No other choices. I have checked that the .jpeg file exists in the KindleGen location and the project location.

How do I add cover art?

The artwork has to be part of the project - drag it into the binder to import it and then you’ll be able to select it.
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Yay! That worked perfectly!

Now, to test the whole thing by sending it to a Kindle acct and actually reading it on the device. :smiley:

I don’t know if they still charge for sending things to your Kindle’s e-mail, but another way of doing this is to plug the Kindle into your computer using the USB cable (which you may need to disconnect from the power socket first). It will come up like a disk on your computer, much like plugging in a camera, and like a camera, you can drag stuff in and out of it to back up your books or load new ones onto it.

I think the cost is dependent on where you are (inside or out of the US) and what services you’re using. If it’s inside the US and you use wi-fi, there’s no charge. If you use 3G (which is always the case outside the US) then the cost changes. … 5520#email

Keith - thank you, thank you, thank you for Scrivener’s ability to export into ebook formats. The horror stories that I’ve read over on the Kindle forums made me think I’d never be able to do this and stay sane. Scrivener couldn’t have made the process much easier. :smiley:

While I did download Calibre for tweaking, I haven’t needed it - yet. With a little tweaking inside Scrivener, I was able to export to Kindle format successfully.

My initial run through the MS looks great! No formatting problems! Of course, that’s on the Kindle for Mac and the Kindle for iPad app, so I’m hoping the same can be said for the actual Kindle.

The only tweak I still have to make is to remove the <<<>>> marks at the end of the MS. Can’t seem to find where to do that once I select export to Kindle format. It’s there when I select Novel, but not ebook formats.

Amber - I’ll have one of my Kindle-owning crit partners do what you’ve suggested. Thanks so much!

Check in the Text Options pane, at the bottom of this there is an “End of Text” option. Just uncheck the box here to remove the standard marker entirely.

Actually, there’s a bug whereby the “End of Text” option isn’t available for e-books but still ends up getting added (it isn’t available because it shouldn’t be added - that it gets added at all is a bug). This has been fixed in the latest beta:

(I had forgotten to note that in the change list, but I’ve added it - the notes in my code say I fixed that on 14th Feb.)

I recommend downloading the Kindle Previewer app from here: … 1000234621

That allows you to see exactly what your book will look like on all the various Kindle platforms - the Kindle itself, Kindle for iPad, Kindle for Mac etc. It’s an emulator that Amazon provide for publishers.

Hope that helps.

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Oh! That Kindle emulator is great! I hope Nook has one, too. hurries off to search