Can't adjust Synopsis pane background or text color

I can’t change the color of the synopsis pane background, nor can I change the color of the text (see image).

When I’m using the Solarized Dark theme, the text is unreadable because it’s too light. The synopsis pane’s background color is the same as the label color - presumably to help identify the scene easier (and it does work for this).

But I need to be able to actually read the text! What setting am I missing?

I don’t think you can change the font color from the options, though.

So make the synopsis BG white ?

Or tweak the theme.

The label color in the index card is here :

But it is nowhere as dense as in your screenshot. Surely you’ve got a color that comes from the options on top of it.

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Well, I was able to use the main Editor color in that menu that you pointed out, and it did darken the synopsis signficantly (which is what I need if I can’t change the color of the text to something darker), but it appears the Label color is still overlaying it somehow. If I turn off the label, the shading goes away and it stays as whatever color I select in the Options menu.

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The other option is to tweak the theme so that the font is black, if you have the patience to learn how.

Nope. Gotta focus on finishing the book, not tweaking the tools. :wink: The darker background is good enough… for now. Maybe when I start the revising! :smiley:

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