Can't change font of comment / Alt-C

Scrivener Version
Bug 1
Create a comment, select text in that comment, click the font or font-size dropdown in the toolbar to change the font.

Result: text is deselected and font is not changed.

Bug 2
Bind insert comment to Alt-C

Result: it doesn’t work, no comment is inserted. If I change the shortcut to something like Alt-Q, it works fine. I use Alt-C in Word and it works there.

Re: Bug 1 Can you not create a comment, select text then RIGHT CLICK on that selected text and bring up the fonts?

Select text then right click to bring up context menu…

…then click on ‘Show fonts’ to bring up fonts and change as you desire…

Can’t help re: Bug 2, sorry.

I can verify that shaun has found a bug: I cannot get any keystroke bound to Insert Comment to insert a comment, though the menu choice shows the keystroke, and using the menu works.