Can't change section layouts in my project

I am using a compile format I created (it formats to make importing into Atticus easier). It is saved in the Project Formats area. When I edit the compile format, unchecking the Text checkbox for a section layout, the text disappears in the Compile Format Designer dialog box, but when I click Save, the text is there in the section layout display in the main Compile Overview dialog box, and there when I compile the document.

Some other changes do not save. For a new section layout I created, the section title is already marked to be Uppercase, but it is Normal, and I am unable to make it uppercase, even by changing to Normal, saving, and changing to Uppercase, and saving. Changing to Smallcaps or Lowercase doesn’t work either.

I would be grateful for any help you can provide.


Write protected on your HD, perhaps?

Are you able to change other settings? Or nothing at all?

No, nothing’s write protected on the HD, but thanks for the thought. Everything other than changing the compile section layouts works great.


The bug I described seems to only happen to compile formats saved in Project Formats, not in My Formats. I duplicated the compile format and saved it to My Formats, and the bug where the option of whether to include the text was not saved did not happen.

Also, the Uppercase issue was an error on my part. I was using the wrong drop-down, the one for the title prefix. I’d suggest you move the Title Case selection down to the bottom of the page where the case selection for the prefix and suffix are located. Putting it between them would make it easier to find.


That reinforces my theory of the write protect.
These are two different save location on HD. A project format saves in the project folder, a “My formats” saves to the application support folder.


Thanks, I will check it out.