Can't change text color back.

Help! I briefly changed the text color to blue (in the toolbar section left of the highlight) and now, no matter what I do, I can’t change the text color back to black. I can drop the text color panel down and it gives all these lovely choices, I click on black, the rectangular window shows black, then I go down to my document and type, and it spontaneous revert back to blue. This happens with all the documents in this project now.

I read the manual, but I can’t understand how to fix this. Is this a bug or did I mess up somehow? :blush:


The text coloring is one of those fun Apple things that can seem a little weird sometimes. When you click in the blue text, the color attribute gets picked up, so even if you were black elsewhere in the document, it will switch back to blue now that you’re in the “blue” section, and you’ll need to deliberately switch to black and then begin typing without moving your cursor. (Also if you type in black and then backspace from black into the blue, your color will revert back to blue.)

To switch all the blue text back to black, just select all and then choose “black” from the dropdown or “remove color” to just switch back to your default (set in Preferences; presumably you have black for the default).

Thanks for replying. It does sound just as you described. When I did select all and choose black with “remove color” the file went black as I wished, but the minute I click on somewhere to start typing, it goes blue.

It may be set in my preference somehow (I probably messed it up last night trying to fix something). How would I make sure I have ‘black’ for default? Sorry, I’m a bit tech challenged.

Actually, that sounds as though you may have turned on revision colors. That’s not in the toolbar, but it would appear blue in the toolbar, so maybe I just misunderstood. Check Format>Revision Mode and select “None” at the bottom. Revision mode is just coloring the text, but it’s persistent so no matter where you click in any document, it will retain your new color. Great for when you are marking revisions; not so great when you keep trying to switch to black. :wink: There’s a visual hint that you’re in Revision Mode–your cursor is colored, instead of black. When you’re just using regular colored text, the cursor stays black.

To check what your default color is, go to Scrivener>Preferences:Formatting and just make sure the sample text there is black. Presumably it is, and the trouble you’re having is the revision mode. But if you wanted to make your default, I don’t know, hot pink, you could do so here.

YESSSSSSS!!! That’s it!!! You took the blueness away! Literally and well…


Glad to help. :slight_smile: