Can't change the color of Index Card Lines

In Scrivener 3.0.1, how can I change the color of the lines on Index Cards? I know that there is a setting in Options>Appearance>Index Cards>Colors>Lines, but it doesn’t seem to do anything, no matter what colors I choose for the card line or background, and no matter what theme I set. The line color option appears to do absolutely nothing. Am I wrong? Am I doing something incorrectly?

Never mind, I found the solution. You have to tick the box in Options>Appearance>Index Cards>Options that says “Show text lines” for the text line color option to work.

I guess it makes sense, that the “Show text lines” button is an option and the color choice is a color, but I also think that the two should show up together in an options menu. I realize that’s unrealistic, though.

That wasn’t the line I was looking for, and I figured it out anyway, but thanks.