Can't compile footnotes as endnotes with Chicago style

Try as I might, I cannot get Scrivener footnotes to compile as endnotes when using the Chicago style essay template. This is advertised in the template as being possible by not checking “compile as-is” on the Notes section when compiling. However, even not checking this (and I tried checking it too to see what would happen), they are always footnotes when compiling to .docx.

For the journal I’m submitting an article to, I need to have endnotes, not footnotes. Converting them in MS Word makes them look pretty awful. I’d just like them to compile to the Notes page as endnotes from Scrivener, saving me from copying and pasting them all to the Notes section after compiling.

Can anyone help, tell me what I might be doing wrong, or let me know if this just isn’t possible after all?

For .docx there isn’t a way to insert notes in the middle of content. I suppose there may be some way of doing that with .docx while retaining their special properties as endnotes, but Scrivener doesn’t have a way of manipulating the format to do that.

What it does do is allow you to group endnotes when using PDF, Print, or any other built-in format that doesn’t support real footnotes/endnotes. Since we’re just using formatted text at that point, we can insert them wherever we want during compile. The defaults for the Chicago Essay template are to group them before the last page break—or in between Notes and Works Cited documents.

That all said, you can of course use endnotes with .docx, it’s just the manual positioning of them that is disabled. To just tack them on to the end of the document very simply, go into the Footnotes & Comments compile pane and check off both “Export inspector (and inline) footnotes as endnotes”.

Thanks, I will try this checking off “compile as endnotes”!