Can't connect to printer

Hi KenA - Did you get a solution to this?

I have a Brother HL-L2350DW laser printer, which works perfectly in all other programs accept Scrivener. Scrivener detects the printer, but when I print to it I get a message of:

‘Unable to add documents to printer.’

The print jobs then disapears.

My only way round the issue is to reboot the printer (hold power button until it shuts down, then press again to turn it back on). Scrivener then printers perfectly to it.

As I said, this does not occur with any other applicantion. The problem has existed in the previous, and latest version of Scrivener (3.3.1) on Mac OS.

Moved to a new topic, as the old one was six years old and involved a different operating system.

What version of Mac OS do you have?

I some times can fix odd printing issues like this by “resetting” the print system and then adding the printer back in.

Also, Brother Support is responsive and they may suggest a solution involving a printer driver they can provide which is different than that provided via Apple to the macOS. I have the same Brother printer as you and that is how they fixed some problem I had with printing (would not print). they provided me an earlier printer driver.

Mac OS Ventura 13.2.1

I dug out my notes with my contact with Brother Support when my HL-L2350DW laser printer failed after upgrade to macOS 13.x. They were quick to reply in “chat” in part:

And install the HL-L2350DW drivers for Mac OS 10.15
It is an older Mac version but compatible with all.

Suggest you look at their web site for this driver to replace what you have, or contact their support for specific advice.

I’m pretty sure this issue has nothing to do with Scrivener.

Thanks rms - I’ll take a look. I’ve downloaded the latest firmware update for the printer, so I’ll try this first.

I did that. Didn’t work. For me it was the printer driver delivered by Apple. Your problem might be different, but as we have the same macOS, then I am pretty sure it’s the printer driver. And I think Brother knows that. I just am not up to date if they have a published fix on their web site, or people have to go through their “chat” support.