Can't Copy Scrivener Data Files

I’m copying my documents directory to a thumb drive to transfer to a new computer. I’m getting error messages on Scrivener files. This what I get.

What is going on?


Check the volume format of your thumb drive. Older formats may not support modern file properties.

Make a copy of your project on your regular hard drive as a test, and then copy that test project to your USB drive and accept the property loss. The odds are good that Windows is yelling about the change from NTFS or ReFS to some FAT variant used on many USB drives. NTFS and ReFS allow you to store extra properties (such as file streams, etc.) that FAT-formatted drives don’t support. (For example, the Windows “this file has been copied from the network and isn’t fully trusted until you unblock it” security behavior is implemented by using a secret file stream, so it doesn’t work on FAT drives.)

If this is the source of the error, then the good news it probably isn’t going to impact any of your Scrivener content. Hence the need for a test project — copy it over, accept the loss, and then go open it up and go through it with a fine-toothed comb to make sure everything is still working.

Have you tried making a zipped backup of the project on the thumb drive, copying that onto the new machine and unzipping it? That’s the first thing I’d do if I had to copy a project onto another machine.



I’m copying from the old Win 7 Pro machine to the new Win 10 machine. THat’s a possibility. Going to have to leave both machines home since I haven’t gotten them set up. And will get back to this when I return. Thank you.

Okay, I’ll try that when I return from my dog show. I was hoping to have everything set up to take the new machine with me, but, I’m out of time. Thank you for the suggestion.