Can't create new file!!!

HELP PLEASE! :frowning: :confused:

Laptop: MacBook Air 2020 i7
Mac OS: Big Sur
Version of Scrivener: the latest 3.2.2

I can open the app, but every time I start creating a new file, the app just shut down. Then tells me that some problem happens and ask me if I want to send the log…

So now I just can’t use the app. Please help!! THANKS!

Could you describe in greater detail what sequence of menu commands, shortcuts or buttons you are clicking on? It’s unclear, for example, whether you mean adding a file to the binder in an open project, or maybe even creating a whole new project.

I can’t even create a whole new project.

Personally, I would uninstall Scrivener, cold boot the Mac, and then reinstall Scrivener from a new download. … s?os=macOS

If the problem persisted, I would open a ticket with the tech-support team.



Reinstallation is a good first step, but in this case you may also want to run through this checklist and reset your preferences. It is not uncommon for a crash to be a result of a bad setting, or even where the whole preference file has been corrupted by the system.

Next step is to create a new blank project and see if that works, and if that does, go on to try the template you wanted, if applicable.