cant delete or change "general text" element

for the first time today, I’m experiencing real problems - i cant delete a block of text who’s element is “general” - i cant change it to action. if i do attempt to change it - it reverts back to general text. anyone know how to resolve? ive already quit twice / rebooted - it’s a growing problem !

What steps are you taking when you try to delete the text? For example:

  1. Triple-click in the paragraph/block
  2. Press backspace

That’s a two-step way of deleting an entire paragraph.

Again, the method you are using to change the element type would help in troubleshooting this. Which (if any) menu are you using; which keyboard shortcut; where are you clicking with the mouse—that sort of detail.

It is possible for text to turn into General if it no longer meets the criteria for any of the other elements. If you set something to Character, and the right align it, it won’t be a Character line any more. Everything about elements and scriptwriting is rooted in formatting, in Scrivener.

Does that mean you are observing more regions of text turning into General, and refusing to delete, every time you reboot?

for some reason, when i attempted it in the individual scene (meaning while viewing one subdocument), i was able to change the element without a problem / but when i attempted to do so while in viewing all the subdocuments together, it would not accept the changes / almost as if the document was too large - my script is a rough draft / three humdred scenes / four hundred pages