Can't download Scrivener purchase from my new laptop

I recently traded my dying macbook for a new, speedier version.
Unfortunately, when I go to the App Store, I’m not able to download Scrivener without paying for the product again, even though my prior laptop has been wiped.
All the help tells me to just go to the app store and redownload, but that seems impossible.
Has anyone faced this issue, and do you have some advice?
Thank you

If you don’t have a serial and are sure you purchased via the App Store, make sure you’re logged in with your Apple ID.

Also, how old was your dying laptop? If you were still using Scrivener 2, you’ll probably need to upgrade as it won’t run on newer Macs.

It’s definitely Scrivener 3. I ran it on my laptop and computer and needed both on the same version.
I am logged in with my Apple ID. I have downloaded a ton of other apps that I paid for.
Still, no joy.

You can download the trial in order to get yourself back to work while you sort out the licensing issue.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t share user information about App Store purchases with us, so we have no ability to verify your purchase. You would need to contact Apple’s support team.

If you think you might have purchased from us directly, our license retrieval tool is here:

Ok, thank you very much.