can't download Scrivener

I paid for Scrivener and downloaded it but I can not open it because I get this message:

Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store.

Google Chrome downloaded this file today at 9:38 AM from

Yet, when I go into my security preferences, I cannot change them to allow me to download Scrivener.

What do I do?


Hi Brian

Go to  > System Preferences, then Security & Privacy.

From the General tab…

  1. Click the padlock symbol and you’ll be prompted to type the password you use on your Mac

  2. Change the setting indicated in the image below

You should now be able to install Scrivener.


That method changes the security settings for all apps. You can also use this tip from Apple to override the security settings for one app. Right click on the app and select open. You still get a popup but instead of “you can’t do that” it gives you the option to open the app. After the first time, it will open on a normal double click. (In the article, control click = right click if your mouse or trackpad is so equipped.)