Can't drag and drop in outliner if Title field is not selected

I’m using outliner view.

I highlight my Draft folder in the binder, and the next level of items (all containers) appear in the outliner pane.
At this point I can change the order of items in the outliner by dragging and dropping.

Do View/Outline/Expand All to see the whole project.
The program will not allow me to move items around in the outliner by dragging and dropping.

This only occurs if the ‘Title’ field is deselected.

Discussion of this bug here

Some more info about this bug:

If the Title field is positioned within the visible area of the screen (third column from the left in the screen shot), and a card is picked up to be moved, then the program only shows the ‘drop line’ cursor from the left edge of the Title field. The screenshot is taken as I move the highlighted card up between the first and second cards. If the Title field is not shown, then the ‘drop line’ cursor does not appear at all.