Can't drag and drop in outliner view.

I’m using outliner view.

I highlight my Draft folder in the binder, and the next level of items (all containers) appear in the outliner pane.
At this point I can change the order of items in the outliner by dragging and dropping.

I do View/Outline/Expand All to see the whole project.
But now the program will not allow me to move items around in the outliner by dragging and dropping.

Am I preventing this somehow?
How can I get a view on the whole project in the outliner that allows me to drag and drop?

Any ideas on this one?

I’m not seeing this issue on my Windows computer. I just loaded the interactive tutorial, selected the Draft folder in the binder and clicked the outline view in the editor. Selecting the draft folder in the binder, I expanded all (using the menu), and was able to rearrange by dragging and dropping documents. In the outline view of the editor, I expanded all (using the menu here too), and was able to drag and drop individual files.

I’m not sure what is causing your issue, but it seems to be counter to how it should be working. You might have to contact the support email.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Ha! I think I see the problem.

The little down arrow at the top right of the editor window calls a drop-down of the columns in the outliner display.
Deselect ‘Title’. Now try to drag and drop a file - you can’t.

Do you see that too, Robert?

Well, yeah. If I remove the title, it doesn’t seem to be able to move files around. But then, I can’t see what file I’m dragging around then (all I have to go by is metadata, and in the tutorial project, most of the labels and status values are the same). Without title, it seems to remove the hierarchical indents and ‘disclosure arrows’ that let you expand and ‘roll up’ the contents of any given folder/container document, so that makes some sense.

I imagine this is something they never anticipated… how do you even know what document you’re about to click on without titles? In fact, I don’t even think you can remove title from the Mac version’s outline view for this very reason.

So it is a bug.

I don’t use the Title column because it comes with a coloured icon that I find wastes space and is visually distracting. I can easily tell where I am in the project because I have created a dozen or so metadata fields that track characters and plotlines - a very powerful method described here for multi-column outlining - which I highly recommend!

This is what is looks like, if you’re interested. (and btw the Title of the selected card is visible at the top of the Inspector)