Can't edit index cards[NOTED]

I’m starting a new project and am blocking it out using index cards. I normally use paper index cards at this stage of a project to block out my plot, rearrange things, visualize stuff, etc. Once I’ve created an index card in Scrivener, there seems to be no way to go back and edit the text on the card. I can change the title by selecting the document in text view and editing the title where it appears above the text screen (by the forward and backward arrows). That’s the only way I can change the title, BTW, but I understand this is beta. I can find no way to select or change text on the card, or add it after the card is created.

Is there something fundamental I’m missing here?

XP SP3, Scrivener b1.3

Thanks for any help!

I shut down Scrivener, deleted it from Program Files, and reinstalled it from scratch. Now I can edit index cards. It’s puzzling, but probably something weird about my machine - it’s an HP, which these days means it’s really a Compaq…

If you get this problem again, I would be curious to see if it persists in the inspector’s version of the index card as well. Another way you could have edited the synopsis is in outliner mode, tool.

I couldn’t edit it in the inspector either

Did you double-click on the index card beneath the title line?

You can do this in the Inspector and the Corkboard.
You can move your index cards about in the Corkboard by clicking on the card you want to move. While holding the left mouse button down drag the card between the cards where you want to place the card. When a single thin line appears, release the mouse button. The index card will appear where you want it to be.

Double-clicking on the current title of the index card allows you to change the title. Scrivener automatically updates the new title in the binder, folder, and document.

Windows Scrivener requires a double-click to be able to edit the index card and the title.

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