Can't enable Typewriter scrolling

I started a new project a while back, and enabled Typewriter Scrolling.

At some point–I can’t pinpoint exactly what I was doing at the time–it stopped working, and I can’t re-enable it.

The option is selectable in the menu but selecting it does nothing. I have the Preference (Preferences>Editing>Typewriter scroll line) set to “Middle of Editor”; changing this setting does nothing.

I opened an old project and Typewriter Scrolling is working in that one.

I was having this same problem and found a fix that worked for me. It turns out I was in “Page View” mode, and this function doesn’t work in that mode. If you go View–>Text Editing–>Hide Page View and click it, it works.

That’s only if you happen to be in Page View mode, as I apparently was.

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Manual 16.3, Typewriter Scrolling: “The Typewriter Scrolling feature is not available in Page View, given how this feature lays out the pages in a simulacrum of the printed page, which will of course not contain any of the dummy lines added to keep the entry position in the middle of the screen.” (last paragraph)

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This has happened to me when not in Page View.

Okay. Does it work now, or still broken?

Stupid question : Is your current document long enough to allow typewriter scrolling to do its thing?