Can't enter Full Screen Mode

Hi. I’m using the free trial of 2.0.2 on Lion. I’m having a serious issue. I’ve done all that’s required to enter full screen mode, but the option is grayed out both in the toolbar and the menu. I’ve restarted Scrivener, messed around with formatting, tried selecting different things, but it’s always grayed out. Here’s a screenshot of the problem.

I’d love to use this feature, and it’s getting on my nerves that I can’t. Thank you so much for your prompt response.


Please go to the Scrivener menu and choose “Check for Updates…”, or go to the product page and re-download and reinstall. The current version is 2.1 (2.2 will be coming out next week). 2.0.2 was released before Lion, and Lion’s built-in full screen feature broke the one in Scrivener. Scrivener 2.1 was released on the same day as Lion to address that and to take advantage of several Lion-only features.

(Out of interest, where did you get the free trial of 2.0.2 from? 2.1 was released four months ago…)

Thanks for trying!

All the best,

Oh wow, I didn’t even notice that! :blush: When I ask to check for updates, it gives me an error, so I’m just going to download it from the site.

I got the program from a friend who was using the trial for a project. I knew I’d need it later, but I never opened it until recently.

I’m assuming my project is compatible. And I’m sure it will work fine! :smiley:


Bam! Works like a charm!

Thanks. :wink:

Glad you’re up and running again!
All the best,