Can't enter registration after expiration.

During November I got the NaNoWriMo free trial. I thought it was fabulous and set aside money for a copy, but then I got busy through December and the trial expired. I finally got back to it and bought myself a copy today, but now I can’t enter the registration code. The instructions I recieved on purchase tell me to go into the Help menu to enter it but every time I open Scrivener a window pops up telling me it’s expired. While the window is up I can’t click on anything, Help menu inlcuded, and once I close out the notice window the whole application shuts down. It would seem that I can’t access Scrivener without a new copy and can’t update my copy without accessing Scrivener, and I’m a bit lost on what to do.

Are you trying to register using the same NaNoWriMo version? That was essential a time limited trial version that was in fact a bit more advanced than the latest official release!

Try downloading the latest formal release, version 1.2.5 from the link below which should enable you to enter your registration details. … taller.exe

Oh, okay. Yeah, I didn’t download a new version because I didn’t think I had to. I figured I had all the software and just needed the new licence.

As Pigfender said, the NaNoWriMo version was a special trial. Normally the trial version we provide just needs to be unlocked, so there’s no need to re-download and reinstall if you decide to purchase the program, but for NaNo since we wanted to ensure participants had extra time to use the program before and after November and didn’t get locked out from more than 30 days of use, we created the special trial version that just worked during a certain date range. You can uninstall that and download and install the 1.2.5 official release (soon to be updated to 1.5), or you can switch over to the beta temporarily–this is another timed expiry, so it only lasts until Feb 15 (but we should have the official 1.5 out before then), but it is more advanced than the 1.2.5 release and contains newer features like inspector comments and footnotes that we gave you a preview of in the NaNo trial. If you used those, you may want to switch over to the beta so you continue to have access to them just as in 1the NaNo trial (though rest assured even if you switch to 1.2.5, you will still be able to read the notes, and once updated to 1.5 you’ll be able to edit them and create and delete them just as in the NaNo trial; nothing will be lost). If you do decide to download the beta, that won’t need your registration information, so save that until you switch over to the official release.

Sorry it’s a bit extra complicated here; we were hoping to get 1.5 out the door earlier, but with one bug fix and another it just wasn’t ready yet. Thank you for purchasing, and congratulations for your November novel-writing!