Can't even find 'the' in my 120,000 word manuscript

I clicked on the magnifying glass icon, and these are the only things with check-marks next to them:
Any Word
Search Included Documents

If I add "Search Excluded Documents, I get my searches to work, but… what qualifies my documents as excluded? I have spot-checked some of them, and every one I looked at has the “Include in Compile” checked. My compile settings show every document and folder has a check-mark next to it in the Contents section.

So, why can’t I find anything without turning on the “Search Excluded Documents” option?

Bug. Thanks for catching this; I’ve reported it.

What version of WinScriv are you using? If it’s I’ll try and recreate it.

I’m still running an older version. I’ve been waiting until the bug for loading projects is fixed, so I can’t confirm that the search problem is still a bug in the most recent update. Unless MM tried it out using…? I’m willing to use the Excluded items work-around for now, as I don’t really need to do any searches on my Windows Scrivener installation anyway.

Search works for me in using the options you described. However, recently I had to switch to default prefs and then reload mine to fix full screen text bug. I know it’s unlikely to fix yours but could be worth a try.

Tested on my tarot project which has items totalling 97k+ words in draft folder.

Updating to didn’t fix it, but saving my preferences, reverting to defaults and then re-loading the prefs did work. Thanks for the tip. I guess I rarely seek out my .scrivx project files to double-click on anyway.


Sorry to have been brief earlier. I tested on 1.2.3 on a vanilla account and on a more used account but with preferences reset to defaults; I got the same results on both.

The distilled version:

• “Included” and “Excluded” appear to be swapped, so searching only in “Included” will return only items not marked to be included in compile.
• The checkmark wants to stick on “Included”, so searching only “Excluded” will actually return excluded items as it should do because the tickmark migrates from “Excluded” to “Included” when the search is run, and Included/Excluded are backwards.
• A search for both “Included” and “Excluded” returns both included and excluded, as expected
• If a search is run for both as above and then (while the search results are open) “Included” is selected so as to remove it from the criteria, the checkmark is removed from “Excluded” but the search results change as though “Included” had been removed and will show only included documents (because Included/Excluded is backwards).
• If the search is run for both as above and “Excluded” is removed from the critera, the checkmark is correctly removed and the search runs as for “Included” as it should do, though it shows excluded documents instead of included.

I’m curious about your results, though, since apparently neither of you is seeing this. I swear, I have had more gremlins lately than I thought could fit in my computers. Yar!