Can't figure out how to change text colors within the binder, notes, index cards, etc. (trying to create a custom theme)

I know how to change the default text color in the main editor, by going to File > Options > Appearance and navigating to the Main Editor section. I can’t figure out how to change the color of text for the binder, notes, or index cards though. Could someone give me some pointers please?

Well, I must be a complete idiot. I am using V1.9.16.0 - 14 Nov 2019, and whether it’s YouTube videos or this forum, it seems like folks are looking at something different than I am. I see references to "scrivener>… and there is no “scrivener” on my main toolbar. [attachment=0]SCRIVENER_MAIN_TOOLBAR.jpg[/attachment] And as in the example above, I see “File> Options…” but there is no “Options” when I click on “File.” I see [attachment=1]SCRIVENER_FILE_MENU.jpg[/attachment]. I am trying the software before buying and right now it’s a tad frustrating. Please help if you can. Thanks.

It doesn’t seem that we are allowed to change the color of text in the Binder. Why, I have no idea. It would be very handy, (Keith!).

Its seems that you get white or black, and that seems to be based strictly on the luminance of the label color. Use a dark label color, and the text goes white. Use a light label color, and the text goes black. Very binary, very annoying, and not really helpful, or useful. Out of our control, it appears.

Same with synopses and index cards… Like Ford said about the Model A when it came out, you can have any color you wish, as long as it’s black.

Maybe Scrivener 4.0?

Thanks for the response but I was hoping that someone would tell me if I have a version different from everyone else. I’m thinking that it might be a Mac vs Windows issue. Many of the videos I watched online had a setup that doesn’t look like mine, but when I watched a few videos from L&L on Vimeo

On Windows I think it should be Tools → Options, not File → Options.
On a Mac it’s Scrivener → Preferences.

Mac software all have a special menu farthest to the left with the name of the software, where you find top-level menu choices. Windows software doesn’t have this, so yes, it’s a Mac vs. Windows thing.