Can't find user manual in version 1.0.3

Just upgraded to version 1.0.3 and attempted to open the Scrivener Manual, both from the Help menu and by pressing F1. In both cases get the message “Couldn’t find the user manual in the Scrivener Resource folder. Installing Scrivener again will correct this problem.” Reinstalling Scrivener 1.0.1 did indeed restore the manual, but ugrading to 1.0.3 lost it again. The 1.0.1 manual is in the Resource folder but the upgrade isn’t recognising it.
Matt Nicholson

I was just about to post the same bug. Exactly as above.


Could you let me know how you upgraded and what version you upgraded from? That is, did you use Check for Updates or did you download the full installer? If you look in the Resources folder, where you found the 1_0-1b-manual files, do you also have one entitled “manual-win-letter.pdf”? That’s the file it’s looking for.

To get the link working again, you can download the manual from here and then save it in the resources folder within the installed Scrivener directory under the name “manual-win-letter.pdf”.

I upgraded using the “Check for Updates” option from the first commercial release (I think it was version 1.0.1). I don’t have a “manual-win-letter.pdf” file in the resources directory, however I do have a file called “1_0-1b-manual-win-letter.pdf”. I have done as you suggested, however being British I downloaded the A4 version. The F1 option works fine if the file is renamed “manual-win-letter.pdf” but not if renamed “manual-win-a4.pdf”.

As reported above. I used “Check for updates” in the menu to go to 1.0.3. In my resources directory I had: 1_0-01b-manual-win-letter.pdf but not the non-b version.

Downloaded and copied the right file in and all is well.


Sorry about all the hassle. This will be corrected with the 1.0.4 update; it was an issue with renaming files and changing the file path that the link was looking for.