Can't get Scrivener to download

I downloaded the free version for NaNoWriMo and purchased a copy in December. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use it right away as I was in the hospital. When I go to open it from my desktop now, it opens with a box that tells me it’s the free trial version and I need to purchase a new one. When I go to my confirmation email and click the Download button, nothing happens. I have my “code” for purchase, but can’t get anything to come up on my screen. Originally, LL sent me to Paddle and they weren’t of help. I just sent them another email and they sent me back to LL. I miss people!! Can someone help me?


That window (nag screen) telling you that you need to buy a license, it should have a blue link to where you have to enter the code you received via email after your purchase.

I can’t produce a screenshot, my version is licensed. I no longer get the nag screen.

You don’t need to download a new version. Just find that blue link.

The nag screen doesn’t have any blue link. It just has an OK button.

OK then, you never used it ?

Well, I used it during the free trial. Then I purchased a license.

I am asking because I am about to suggest that you uninstall it and download anew.

If you tweaked your preferences, you might lose that.

Oh geez. Ok. So I should be able to uninstall it and then would I use the Download button in my confirmation email??


Download from there:

The download button from your email would likely work, but this link I am 100% certain it works.

So, if I haven’t used it for 30 days, then once my 30 days are over, then I should get a blue link to enter in my code for the license?

I suspect that you were running the Nanowrimo version still, and that it behaves a tad differently.

This new version will have a nag screen offering you to enter your code. (Should)

Yes it was the Nano free trial version. Do I need to uninstall that one, download a NEW free trial one, use it for 30 days and THEN be able to get a blue link?

Download from the link I posted.
Enter your code right away (today).
Be done.

No need to wait, no.

Okey Dokey. Thank you Vincent for you time and assistance. You’ve been super helpful!! Have a wonderful day!!

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I’ll be around (or others) if it still won’t work.

You are welcome.


So far so good. Thanks again!!!

Success ?
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Yes, I think the NaNo version can’t be unlocked like the regular trial version. Probably something to do with the fact that it has a different time limit (fixed date instead of 30 days of actual use).