Can't hear video.

I wear a hearing aid and even with my computer volume up at full volume I cannot hear the videos.


Hi Ann,

I’m sorry the audio in the videos isn’t quite up to snuff! Someone else asked about some kind of closed captioning or transcript to go along with the video as well, and that may be something we’re able to provide in the future. For now, although the videos may not be much help to you, I definitely recommend going through the Interactive Tutorial (under the Help menu–you’ll need to create a new project first if you haven’t already) as that is an actual Scrivener project that walks you through the various parts of the interface and basically gets you up and running with the program. You can also check out the User Manual, also available from the Help menu, for the Quick Tour section and then to go into more depth about any particular areas of interest. Both these are in beta a bit as well, so you may still run into a few things that don’t quite match the current Windows interface, but they may serve you better than the video tutorials anyway as the videos are all Mac-based.

And of course if you still have questions, that’s what the forums are for! :slight_smile: (Well, that and procrastinating on writing…)