Can't import any pictures


I have Scrivener for Windows, and I simply can’t import any pictures or images anywhere in my project. Scrivener keeps telling me that image files can’t be converted to RTF. This makes the Research folder totally useless.
The methods described by Gwen Hernandez in her book “Scrivener for dummies” just don’t work. For me, at least.

Can you help ? Thanks in advance,


Not a very helpful forum, one of those where beginners are considered as dumb.
Anyway, I’ve got it : a directory usage problem that isn’t described anywhere. And the usefulness of the Research folder is questionable : nothing more than a flat list somewhere, hidden behind an impressive name.

First, the forum consists mainly of other users, not of paid professionals, so getting an answer sometimes takes time. Someone who knows something about your question needs to come by and happen to see your question.

Secondly, it’s hard to give advice when you don’t describe what you are trying to do. Your post felt more like information: you can’t import pictures. Okay, and what are we supposed to answer then? I imported pictures yesterday, whithout problem. I dragged them into both the Draft and Research area. No problem whatsoever.

So you’re a beginner? Welcome! :slight_smile:

Thierry, I hope that as you continue to use Scrivener, you’ll discover the considerable usefulness of the Research folder. It’s far more than a flat list.

In any case, as lunk suggests, do let us know more detail about the issue with importing pictures. It might be helpful to others who have problems in the future. What turned out to be the directory usage problem?