Can't install license

Hi, I bought Scrivener for Windows back in 4/9/2018 with an option to upgrade to Scrivener 3. I downloaded the binary and installed it but it won’t upgrade or recognize my license. I tried to Recover a Lost License, and it said it sent an email to my registered account but nothing arrived.


I was having the same issue; to solve it, I had to click on “Upgrade from older product” link that’s just under the Buy button. I didn’t take a screenshot or I’d post that. In any case, you’ll put in your email and license for Scrivener 1 there, then get a coupon code for Scrivener 3, then purchase a new Scrivener 3 license for 0 dollars.

Hey, that worked on my Win10 laptop! Thanks for your help!

Just a note to board mods, this call is resolved and can be closed.

For your future reference, L&L staff do not handle licensing issues in the forums anyway due to privacy concerns – you have to contact support via email to handle license issues.

Yeah, that worked for me! Thanks a bunch for posting this.

OK. Regardless, that did fix the issue for me and now my Win10 laptop has a properly licensed copy of Scriv 3.

Which is nice. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is! Congratulations!