Cant install scrivenerfor linux on ubuntu 20.04

I downloaded the version amd64.deb and tried to install with gdebi but it doesnt work at all. Whats wrong?
Hope for any advice

If you’re going to run the older version, using the AppImage that is floating around is by far the easiest way to go. I think it was available from wayoflinux, but at the moment the site appears to be down.

It’s not official, just to be clear.

Thank you for your advice, but the site is not available. Something wrong with that. There is another place to find this Appimage?

I’m not sure! That’s where most of the web search results seem to be pointing, unfortunately. If I come across another source I’ll be sure to post it here.

There is another site for Scrivener Appimage but the app has errors.


It should be possible to get it from archive dot org. I also have an archive of all of them, but this should work.

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Thank you very much for the Scrivener Appimage archive, but there is a problem with the server and I get an error message…

This page is not available on the web

because of server error

Thanks again

@josefcarel1 Here is a copy of the appimage, since the main site it’s on seems to be down. This is the multi-language version, which has English as well as many other languages included.

Thank you very much, it is what I was looking for

Thank you very much. I downloaded the WayOfLinux English only version of the AppImage before the site went down, but there have been others searching for the other languages. I’ll able to pass on this link. For those who may be interested, these AppImages work with Intel Chromebooks that support Linux. (I’m guessing they also work with AMD Chromebooks – but not ARM ones.)

It looks like some updated versions of the WayOfLinux Appimages, including versions with spelling dictionaries in other languages, have been uploaded to appimagehub (dot) com, under “Scrivener for Linux”

(Sorry, I’m unable to post links in the forum at this time.)


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