Can't install update

Wow. I am so not installing that update after seeing all the problems reported with it not running afterward…
Not that I am actually ABLE to install it.
I have a copy on a USB drive, since I write during my lunchbreak at work.
For whatever reason, on my home machine the update wants to install to Q: (my USB drive) and will NOT install anywhere else on my home machine. There is no way of specifying what to update, it seems.
I do not work on my USB drive at home. I work on projects on my main machine, and the only time I touch the USB is to copy the backup across to work on.
So…why would it want my Q: drive? Where the heck can I change the install location? IS there anywhere to change the install location?

The program really needs a fixed default project / program location option.
Not just the backup, but the actual software install location, and project folders location.

For now I won’t install the update.
It’s kinda…well. Why in blazes do I have to reinstall MS C++ 2008??? Why do some people have activation problems?

Sorry, not going there.

For an upgrade, the installer will write to the same location as the previous release. So if you are running the version on the Q: drive, the upgrade will try to install there. What happens if you try to upgrade the desktop version with the Q: drive disconnected?

If you download the upgrade file directly – rather than through Scrivener’s upgrade functionality – you can install it wherever you like. It will install into your /ProgramFiles directory by default.

The 1.2.3 version fixes the major infant mortality bugs in 1.2.1. You can download it from here: … taller.exe

We do recommend upgrading, as the new version offers substantial performance and stability improvements over 1.0.3.


For what it’s worth, I bounce between the Linux native version and the Windows one via WINE, a replacement API for the Windows API. (Wine Is Not an Emulator. :wink: ) Long story short, if there’s a bug in the Windows version, odds are good, I’ll be hit with it as well. I’ve only had issues with the update bug, but really that’s not a huge one. I’ve never lost data with it or had the strange runtime issues some are getting.

So you’re most likely safe in updating. Keep in mind, though, that people don’t usually come to the Tech Support forum to rave about how well everything is working. I’d also be willing to guess that 90% of Scrivener users don’t frequent Tech Support, either. In other words, you’re probably seeing a non-statistically accurate sampling of the Scrivener population.