Can't open imported documents to edit

This seems really basic, but I haven’t been able to find the answer in the manual or anywhere else, so I apologise in advance.

I’ve created a new Scrivener document. I’ve dragged existing .doc files (each one representing a chapter of my work) to the Binder. There they appear. When I click on one, the name of the file appears in the main editing window as a hyperlink. If I click on the link, it opens - in LibreOffice. I tried to drag the files to the Draft folder, thinking this might be the problem, but get a ‘prohibited’ icon.

How do I open the files for editing in Scrivener itself?



Step 14 of Part 3 of the Tutorial briefly discusses the import question. As I understand it, and based on my use of Scrivener, the “Draft” section of the binder works only with text files, which will be .rtf coded for formatting purposes. The .doc files you’re bringing in are restricted to the section of the binder used primarily for research & reference files that are content-rich, such as .doc, docx, .pdf, etc. They’re linked back to the program that creates or opens them, so that’s why they call LibreOffice when you double-click them.

You’ll need to use Word or LibreOffice to re-open those .doc files and export them as .rtf or .txt, or do a copy/paste of the high-lighted text in the word processor screen to get them into the Draft binder area.

Thanks Graybyrd! That’s worked. The manual really doesn’t make this clear: maybe they didn’t use Scrivener to write it…