Each time I try to open a new project I get this message:

The project could not be created at ‘/Users/superdia/Documents/Untitled.scriv’. Please check that you have enough free disk space and the correct permissions to write to this location.

I’ve got more than half my storage space available on my macbook. I’m the only account on this computer so I don’t know why I wouldn’t have permission. I just want to open a new document, anyone got any ideas?

Are you able to create ordinary text files at that location?

What happens if you give the project a different name from “Untitled?”

What version of Scrivener do you have, and with which version of Mac OS?


I have version 3.1.1 (9852) and the most recent mac OS update.

I can’t even open the project. It’s not a saved or recently begun project. I will go to the menu to select the type of new project to open (novel vs short or screenplay) select an option and then I get the message above.

Please upgrade to Scrivener 3.2.1, the latest version, as there are a number of known compatibility issues with the version you have.

Does that help?


Man, Katherine, this just does not want to see me be great. So, I tried to run the updates and this is what I got:

Update Error!
Scrivener can’t be updated when it’s running from a read-only volume like a disk image or an optical drive. Move Scrivener to Applications folder using Finder, relaunch it from there, and try again.

But, when I try to do what they say nothing happens. I feel like at this point its me and not Scrivener. :confused: :cry:

Please try downloading the update directly, rather than using the automatic updater:


Okay, downloaded and updated from the direct link. Tried to open a new project and got this:

“The operation couldn’t be completed. Permission denied”

Okay, so I was fiddling with it some more and got it to open by switching from documents to desktop. Idk if that’s the step I was missing all along or if it’s just some fluke that worked, but I got it to open a new project.

Are you using iCloud Drive, have you set it to sync the Documents folder and do you have it set to Optimise Mac storage? That can create strange things. Not good with Scrivener.