Can't open recent file, nor in backups

I’m trying to open a recent file with a project and get an error message. I’m tryin to open it from the backup files, but -apart I find quite difficult to get the extracted file aftewards extracting- every BK I get opened is empty. :open_mouth:
I sent my work to dropbox, but even from there, it’s no way to open the files.
It’s a long work and I think I’ve lost all. Please some help?

As a first step, copy all the backups you have to another location–a new folder on your Desktop will be fine–just to keep track of those while working on this. Then, what is the error message you’re receiving, and how are you extracting the files? There’s a known issue with 7-zip that prevent it extracting the Scrivener projects correctly, so the files will appear as 0KB. If that’s what’s occurring, try using a different program to extract the files, e.g. WinZip or just the built-in Windows extractor.

Also, windows will typically let you look inside of a zip file, even opening individual files from the archive, but Scrivener cannot do this with a project directory. You have to choose to extract the project from the .zip file.

The error message is “Unable to recover scrivener file”.
Just what opens when I click my project’s name is… the template which comes with scrivener. Maybe I did a bad move writing right IN the template?
Also, whe extracting (with IZarc) the files, I get them empty, but the titles of the different chapters & scenes are OK (only titles, no anything written, no cards…).
----ACTUALIZAtION: The project is no more in the backups. Even some other projects have vanished! :open_mouth:

Forgetting to recover the project which I have almost complete in Word, i’LL try to re-start from 0, just passing the word copies to another project and prying God… :blush: