Can't purchase Version 3

I assume that the problem is traffic after the announcement, but while V3 works fine, I can’t buy it yet. Fortunately, I have a month or so before it times out.

Of course, when starting V3 it says this copy is unregistered. Clicking on the Buy Online takes me to esellerate but that usually dies with a Too Many Redirects. A couple of times it made it to the second page before it got the same error. Now, tonight I get a 500 internal server error after clicking. (In big RED letters.)

Possibly the techies at esellerate might want to upgrade their old Microchannel server to… oh, say a Mac Mini or something. Get the one with the max memory.

No big deal for the next thirty days, but a really big one if the redirects don’t stop by then.

You can go directly to the store by going to